Monday, August 9, 2010

Relationships between teachers and parents (26th of July 2010)

Picture: I’m grinning and second from the left.:) De 1st one in white was my best friend, she’s now mom of a child of almost the same age as momma on picture. Time has super fast wings!

I woke up early today to leave for campus and work on my thesis. I haven’t done anything useful the last 2 days. The Bengal tiger is making the grinding of the mill slower. I’m having trouble concentrating because of this heat. The library is a better place to read my book, there is air-conditioning!

I was already at campus before half past 7, the library would open after half an hour, so I thought of surfing on the net in the meantime. The cyber-office had not opened yet, so I waited for a while. A sweet professor came and stood next to me, also waiting for the cyber-office to open.

I wouldn’t be able to work on the pc today according to the cyber-office assistant, because of the PowerPoint presentations that would be held by the students of the Teachers Institution. The sweet professor came in between, and said that I could work while the presentations were being held, that is if I wouldn’t have any problem with it.

I was excited to attend the presentations. I like presentations, that is if they’re interesting. A second professor joined to judge along. The presentations were about the relationships between teachers and parents. This kind of relationship can get very complicated sometimes. One of the students brought forward that a lot can be achieved by talking calmly. If you express your anger, you’ll get opposed by the other. Talking in a calm way can result in a united positive outcome, even in cases where the situation seems to be impossible. Her words reminded me of my cousin telling me that she once said to a parent that she should give some more attention to her child because her child is a little bit weak in the subjects at school. The mom replied that she doesn’t have time for her child. My cousin had just started working and was afraid of being opposed by the parent, so she didn’t say anything. I said to her: ‘How can a mother say something like that, why did she bring that child on earth when if she doesn’t have time for that child? I wouldn’t be able to swallow my anger and she would certainly get scolded by me.’ I do understand now that it would have been inappropriate if I acted in that way in such a confrontation.

The presentations certainly were memorable, and I stayed longer and grubbed a pretty amount of information together, I actually had lost all my information that I had surfed earlier because my memory stick died.

At the end, the second professor stated that everyone thinks differently and by calmly talking you might be able to change their line of thinking. Never try to hurt the other!
This presentation certainly had changed my line of thinking. The professor also stated that you might get better in presentations if you listen to presentations of others. The last group was a little bit weak and they seemed less prepared, I think that the other presentations were an inspiration source for them. It certainly was an inspiration source for me, I’m not that very good as a talker and I still get nervous if I start with a presentation.

Dutch saying: Learn something, do something and save something, then you’ll be able to do something, have something and be something.

I really missed writing on my blog, that’s why I’ve published something new from my diary after a long time.
At the same time, tomorrow will be exactly one year ago that I had published my first writing on this blog, so a hurrah for my blog!!!