Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friday July 10th 2009 Campus-day

4:30, alarm goes off, time for my daily ritual. I am awake and I’ve put the alarm off. I’m thinking of lying a little bit and reading an article afterwards for a spark of extra energy for the day, but I fall asleep and get up at 6 o’clock after having lied for a little while. Grab my cloths that I’ve put on a pile of four boxes in which there are more of my cloths and I walk towards our other house.
Bathroom door closed, probably my younger sister Angie in the bathroom. I put the plug of the flat-iron in the socket and begin to iron my blouse. The temperature is too high and the flat-iron sticks on the sleeve of my blouse, so I’m holding the flat-iron quickly up and put the temperature lower. Get my blouse of the ironing-board, because the temperature is still high, so my thick jeans trousers go on the ironing-board, that can be a match for the temperature to proceed with my ironing. I’ve ironed one trouser leg and begin with the second one as I hear the bathroom door open. Really have to go to the bathroom now, so I get the plug out of the socket and quickly go in the bathroom. If I’m back from the bathroom my elder sister Rani is busy ironing her cloths, so I wait on the sofa. Mom is taking a shower, so I can’t take a shower yet. Okay, round off my ironing with convenient speed and then pick my toothbrush to brush my teeth. Mom just comes out of the bathroom when I’m done brushing my teeth. Quickly take a shower, because I don’t know with whom I will be going today, dad or brother Aman, because Aman has taken the day off from work. Dad leaves early for work. Comb my hair in a horse-tail. Angie is studying on the bed, so I ask her if she doesn’t have to go to campus today. No answer, sometimes she’s somewhat stiff. My hair in front looks a little bit bouncy and dry, but I’m not in a mood for a pomaded hair-dress today. Only a little bit lip gloss and a bit of kohl eye liner is enough. Angie asks now with whom we are going, and I say, “I don’t know”. She runs into the other room to change. Dad has started his car and leaves, so Aman is dropping us off. I have a lot of time left over, but I’m not in a mood for extra beautification on my face today, my roll-on anti-perspirant deodorant and perfume yet. Grab my bag and writing-case and then to the other house. I still sleep in our old house, because the storey part of our house hasn’t been build yet. Hmmm...could take my magazine, ‘Santé’ that I had bought yesterday at Vaco (bookstore) along with me in case my project partner, Vicky comes late. I had got a few ‘Santé’ magazines from my cousin in Holland some time ago, and I really liked those magazines. Good thing that I can buy the magazines here in Suriname now.
Don’t see mom in the living room, so I ask myself if she’s gone with dad. If I come out of the bathroom, she comes out of her room. Then I realise that I haven’t any jewellery on. Quickly run to the other house to put on my gold coloured leaf earrings and my ring with blue stones. Go back to the other house and check if I received any messages from Vicky. Yes, indeed, I got an sms with, “I’ll be coming at 8 o’clock at campus.” Good that I have ‘Santé’ in my writing-case, I can read a little bit for a little bit of inspiration for the day. I have breakfast and we take leave.
Aman drops us off and I walk from IOL ( Teacher’s Institution) to building 20. Open a free classroom where I can sift and turn on the lights. Can read my Santé now without being disturbed. There were only two numbers at Vaco, February and June edition. That of February attracted me more, probably because there was written, “Follow your heart” on the front page, so I bought that one. Maybe I’ll buy that of June if it’s not sold out some other time. Really got a positive kick of those articles. Beauty tips, have learned a new Neger-engels word out of the magazine, ‘bakadjari’ or ‘big back-garden’...haha that’s what they refer to as big backside in Suriname. My Neger-engels, our second medium, isn’t very good. Last I was with a group of carpenters that are busy working at the neighbours to take a look and the boss said: “O faya!” and me saying, “ There’s no sun.” “O faya” means “We are on fire (we our going to start),” the boss said...haha. Stories of five women in Santé, that escaped a life threatening disease or situation did very much touch me. Does let met realise once again that I am lucky to be healthy and up to scratch, and capable of creating miracle-works.
It’s 8:11 and I don’t see Vicky yet. I look outside, I do see his black Chaser of which he is very proud of, but Vicky is no where to be seen. Send him an sms, “Where are you? I am in building 20 classroom 2.” He comes and we work on our project. Drawing goes smoothly and our drawing begins to get more structure. We work till about 10 o’clock, because Vicky can’t stay long today, he has to drop his brother, who’s going on a holiday-trip to Holland off at Zanderij (airport).
Off to UCC (internet café of the university) to see if there are any messages or comments for me. Indeed, there’s a comment for my poem of which I hadn’t got any comments yet, good feeling to read something positive about my poem. Save some poems of other writers to read later on. You can read my poems at http://www.originalpoetry.com/ and also put a comment, my username is sherry122. You have to be a member first, but signing up doesn’t take long. Or you could submit your own poems, the more comments you get, the bigger the chances that you’ll be a published poet. Actually more a popularity contest, but the site is working on it to change this judging system. You can also chat and there will be also games and other attracting possibilities available shortly. No mails, so I’m signing out.
I walk to the entrance of the university block to catch a bus. There are four empty commuters’ busses standing next to each other in front of the watch post of the university, so I ask the bus driver of the nearest bus if he will take off first and yes. No passengers yet, so I’ll have to wait for a little while in the bus. But there’s a lot happening around me that makes the time pass quickly. Students that are being picked up, vehicles passing by, one of the charwomen giving treat to the watchmen, it’s probably her birthday.
Have to wait for a while and the driver has some passengers, so he takes leave. On the way he finds more passengers. I’m trying to memorize a few street names, because I know very few street names, even if I know the way. Have memorized two for the day, the Loksistraat and the Scheuermanstraat.

Looking at energetic people and vehicles brings me in contact with my energy within. Prerequisite for movement is energy, and if you visualize that you are the one or the thing possessing that energy, you’ll feel the energy you had contact with flowing in you. There is already energy in you, you just have to feel it to form the driving power, that enables you to fulfil your gaols. Don’t just feel the energy, do something worthy with the energy you’re feeling to make your dreams reality. Energy comes from within but it’s stimulated by the outside world. Mental activity stimulates you to get something done physically, you get that boost by joining the energy around you. In the bus I’m thinking, “Nice how a car can move forward, just have to steer and press on pedals”. And I think about the engines that belong to the wagon and parts moving by fuel and battery. Visualizing myself as the car, makes me feel very energetic. Looking at the cyclist also gives me a kick, he looks very energetic and I visualize what I would feel if I were the cyclist at the moment…feels as if I’m a very energetic happy child, that loves cycling. Another example is listening to the brush-cutter of your neighbour who’s busy mowing the grass of his garden. If you try to realize what it would feel like if you were the brush-cutter that cuts a lot of grass with gigantic speed with his gigantic noise, you’ll also be feeling that gigantic energy. Watching an impressive character on television and annex with that character will also give you that boost from your living room out. This technique enables you to be more conscious and live in the present moment, because you’re having a better contact with the outside world. I’ve noticed that I’m able to understand people in a better way. So looking at energetic people stimulates you to let your energetic you come out. To deliver excellent physical work, you have to stand strong spiritually. The physical is brought about by the spiritual. If you have a strong spirit it could be a motive to carry on physically.

Let us not look back in ager or forward in fear but around in awareness --James Thurber.

Having reached the end stop, I have to walk a distance to catch another bus, but I’m enjoying of all the splendour and movement around me that crystallizes into energy within me. Then I see my cousin from Holland with a market-bag. I ask her how she’s doing and where she roaming alone. She’s going to the market to make purchases to take along to Holland. She leaves tommorow, she was here for a month, especially for my niece’s wedding. “Remember me to the family” she says, and we go our own way.
I’m sitting at the back of the bus, because there are only free seats in the middle. An Indian girl comes to sit next to me, and she smiles. Smile too, it’s very hot, and the bus isn’t filling. I’m trying to have a conversation with her, so I say that it’s very hot, and the bus isn’t filling! “What?”, and a smile, she seems to be a shy type. It looks as if it’s going to rain, and I think by myself, “Hopefully it doesn’t rain before I’m home, I have cloths on the line.”
End stop, and I have to walk again. Suddenly a car stops on a small distance from me and the driver says loud, “Do you have to walk far?” But I wasn’t aware of it that he was talking to me, so he says it again. “No!”, and he drives his way. I don’t step into cars of strange people, and I don’t have problem in walking a little bit, and inspect the neighbourhoor a little bit. Say hi to a neigbour I hadn’t seen for a long time and he asks how I’m doing. “Wonderful and how are u?,” and I walk further.
Having reached home, I quickly put my bag and writing-case on the table and get all the cloths from the line, because it’s drizzling. But the drizzle stops soon, so no rain for the day. I’m going to have my dinner, rice with pumpkin and tomato-chutney and some vanilla ice-cream, hmmm...yummy, especially in this hot weather. I put some Aloe Vera Gel on my face. Actually I had bought it to drink and to clean my tummy, according to my cousin it helps very good against acne. But I got stomachache and had to run constantly to the toilet after a few days, not for me, so I stopped drinking it. I wanted to throw it away, but I thought, “I can use it external, there’s pure Aloe Vera gel in it.”
Reading the newspaper, “Two children of 10 and 13 years of age passed away in a waterscooter crash doing stunts, it’s a pitty. Children can be very naughty and do what they don’t ought to do. This year there are almost twice as much traffic-accidents compared to the previous year, although the government has intensified the road rules.
I’m going to take a nap, because my had feels a bit stressed today, and if I wake up I have a slight headache. I hear Angie saying that she has to be dropped off at campus, she has to attend lecture in the midday. Dad is bussy filling water in the tank, because for years there isn’t any water coming from the tap, it sucks. And if you buy water, they bring it after days, somtimes after a week. So there’s nothing else left then to fill water yourself at the water-company. Dad says to Angie to ask Rani to drop her off, but Angie says that she’s doig the laundry. Angie comes into the bedroom and asks where younger brother Ravi is, so he can drop her off. “I don’t know,” I say, because I was sleeping, how would I be knowing where he is? If dad comes back, Angie still is at home, so he has to drop her to campus. If dad’s back after having dropped Angie, he’s somewhat growling at the merest trifle, sometimes he likes to act a little bit angry. Mom is bussy filling water from one tank to the other, and because she wasn’t holding the water-hose very thightly the water fell outside, so dad growling and mom laughing. “Sharda is here, do say to her to help,” says dad.
A banana and some delicious orgeat to drink. A little bit of writing in my diary and I don’t feel any headache anymore. Wanted to clean my bedroom, because it looks dusty. Sunday then, because it’s already 18:17, the time passes rapidly.

Chinese saying: The future is not what it had been.

See if there’s anything interesting on television...from one channel to the other. Watch a little bit of the Indian serial, “ Inspector Monica Mogre,” and then a half whole-meal bread with tomato-chutney, love tomatoes, and then have to do the dishes. I eat another banana. Rather should have eaten some fruit instead of whole-meal bread.

Eating only fresh fruit at night helps to get a flat belly. If I have the feeling that my belly is coming out, I begin eating fruit at night instead of bread; helps very well, because fruit digests quicker. After two days I have my superflat belly back. I suggest that you have your heavy meal in the midday. Apart from fruit I also drink some milk at night as always. So I don’t have to do heavy abdominal exercises, but training your muscles and a good sweat are indeed good for your body. There was a period when I felt like my belly wouldn’t get superflat anymore, and abdominal exercises didn’t seem to help much. Was very much satisfied with my fruit diet. The first time, I ate only fruit at night for two weeks, but I began yearning for oily food, because I’m used to eat flourproducts or sometimes rice at night, so I’m using my fruit meal with breaks in between, good for your figure.

Again on the sofa watching some videoclips and the Indian program “Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karenga”, it’s about people with extraordinary abilities or people performing extraordinary stunts, I like the program. There are here in Suriname...lets see, RBN, Trishul, Sangeet Mala, Ramasha, Radhika en SBS, that’s six Indian televisionstations. At home they watch mostly Indian programs, so I mostly watch along. My great grandparents migrated from India to Suriname to work as contractworkers on the plantations of the white masters. Ravi also comes to watch tv and sits in the swing. Suddenly he lets out some hearable air. Cat is in the neighbourhood, so he says, “Cat go home!”...haha, so I say, “You’re a cat now.” Scooby, our dog keeps coming inside the house. He doesn’t listen if I yell at him, “Scooby outside!”. Mostly he behaves as if he’s deaf. He goes all the way to the kitchen if he doesn’t see anyone, to eat food of our cats. He’s very naughty, he’s the opposite of our Blacky, who’s very obedient. So I close the door, and he looks inside from the terrace. And when Rani opens the door to go out of the house, he slips inside. Drink a glass of milk and some water.

Have to wash my hair, beacause tommorow is a hectic day, we got invitations for three party’s.
Check my sms, have an sms from Warsha after a long time. Warsha likes sending sms to people and I’m not very fond of it, only if I’m in a mood to sms people. I think my balance disappears rapidly, so I’m trying not to call or sms too much if it isn’t necessary. Warsha has sent me an sms that she’s sleeping in her grandmother’s house, because her grandmother is in Holland, and she doesn’t like sleeping in another house. I sent her back an sms along with a quotation in it, that I had read in Santé.

This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the ocean rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands—Barack Obama

It’s 12 o’clock but I can’t fall asleep yet, I’ve set the alarm at 4:30. I’m going in the other house to drink some water. Angie was watching television and dad has fallen asleep on the sofa. Angie says to lock the door, because she is going in the other house. Rani walks to the wash-bowl to wash a cloth, she was probably bussy cleansing her face or something like that, so I say to her to lock the door. Having reached my bed I’m Sleeping Beauty.

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