Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A lick of refreshing water

A blank sheet of paper: “Don’t keep your negative feelings inside. If you can’t talk about it with someone, secretly fill me with your story in ink, and let me be the resting place of your sorrows.”

The cackle of hens: “Wake up! I’m king genius if you’re not up before me.”

Snake Xenzia: “My secret in getting bigger is that I don’t change my course before knowing which way I should be headed to unless I meet a dead end, I might as well be on the right track without knowing it beforehand. And sometimes an end is the way to a new beginning.”
(Snake Xenzia is a snake game.)

Himalaya-mountain: “My greatness and bigness depends on how valuable I am to many.”

Grey dolphins: “Always a loving smile on our faces and we gladly help people.”

Fayalobi flower: “Super hot love of the garden, even in the Bengal tiger and the shooting rain, take me along whenever you’re feeling lonely.”
(Fayalobi is a Surinamese flower. If you would literally translate Fayalobi in English it would be called “Hot love”.)

Warbling birds: “We are always around; free tickets to listen to our mind-blowing music.”

Passing cars: “I’m gone in a vroommm, don’t keep standing still.”

Apple tree: “New leaves can sprout out of me only when my old leaves leave me. Let go of your spiritless past and embrace your fresh presence.”

Soft cushion: “You may always rest your head on me. I’m always ready and able to carry all the loads in your head.”

Interesting book: “I’ll teach you new things to keep your life exciting, and I’ll help you blossom mentally.”

Angel of God: “Are you doubting on a choice you have to make or a decision you have to take? Ask yourself the question what you would do if you were in my place and really were an Angel of God. Angels always have a solution.”

We are, each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. – Luciano de Crescenzo

Rough times: “Why are you afraid of me? I’m the rib that you have to smooth out. Learn something from me, and you will be standing on end happier.”

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