Saturday, November 28, 2009

Believing in oneself

A good friend of mine once said to me that he uses alcohol because you’re expected to drink pro forma at meetings or important gatherings. “Why do you have to follow the others if you believe it to be wrong,” was my reaction. And if his friends force him to drink, he gives in, even if it means that he gets somewhat drunk later on.
What I consider as something serious is that many a man are doing what’s expected from them, and not what they see as right. I would for example very much appreciate it if the president would cheers with a glass of fruit-juice instead of a glass of champagne. A president is supposed to be an example for his/her nation. Not that I’m talking of some specific president, they’re all following the tradition. Suppose I have a little child who’s watching the news on the television together with me, by which the president sociably is clinking with a glass of champagne, that’s bad influence that the president is sending to my child. If it were a glass of fruit-juice, I would proudly dish up to him, “Sweetheart, that’s our president whose drinking a delicious glass of fruit-juice, you also should be drinking it to grow into a strong and healthy young man/woman.”
Those people that dare to say “no” to which they see as wrong are the ones that believe in themselves. Some time ago I was watching a world-famous talk show, and at the end they cheered with a glass of tequila. I found it super-cool of one of the women who resolutely refused to drink it. She said as firm as a rock, “I’m not getting near that thing, I’ve learned my lesson.” She just bumped her folded t-shirt, which she had been gifted, against the glasses to be part of the sociability. That was a woman that believed in herself, and for me it was worth a jubilation to say “no” in front of so many people that are watching that program.
I abhor it if people say to me that they are drinking and/or smoking for fun. Aren’t you saying that you’re super-boring without alcohol and/ or smoking, and that you can’t have fun without drinking and/or smoking?
I would now and then buy lottery-tickets in the past, and I would dream winning the first prize and fulfilling all my dreams with it. I stopped buying lottery-tickets, because I realized that if I bought any more lottery-tickets it meant that I believed that I myself wasn’t capable of fulfilling my own dreams.
If you believe in yourself it means that you believe that you’re capable of fulfilling your wish/goal without help of what’s wrong, shortly, believing in oneself means doing what is right. If that believe isn’t there, you’re busy following the path to your downfall.

I spent ten years of my life married to the bottle, as I was always successful at what I did; I became a very successful alcoholic. I went right from the top all the way to the bottom; as a matter of fact I ended up living in the streets, rolling other drunks for enough money to get that drink I always needed. -- William Cash Neve, author of the book "Total Recovery", as he claims it to be his claim to fame: “My one claim to fame is my peace of mind.”

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