Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunday July 12th 2009 Lazy day

Half past 8 when I get up, today I’m feeling dog-tired. Our cat Tigrie (Tiger) climbs on the worktop in the kitchen, we have 4 cats, and Tigrie is also expecting. The cats are very naughty, so I give him a scolding and go to brush my teeth and take a shower. Eat bread with peanutbutter that I sop in tea. Normally I don’t drink tea, maybe 3 times in a month if I’m in the mood for it, haven’t liked it sinds childhood. I’m on my bed again. When I get up and look at my mobile, I see that it’s 11:30. “Oh gosh, I have to cook!”, because mom and Angie are at the Sunday market. I’m going to cook rice with daal and baked potatoes.

Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. --Albert Einstein

I’ll take a little bit of more rice then normally, because they’re very fond of it at home. Last time I had cooked daal Ravi complained that there hadn’t been cooked enough rice, because he wanted to eat another portion later that day. Mostly when daal is cooked, I also eat another portion at night in stead of bread/fruit. So instead of 3 glasses, I’m taking 4 glasses of rice. The recipe of daal is for about 12 portions, but you can divide or multiply the quantity at your choice. I’m not a queen of the kitchen, but I can cook.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. --Aristotle


Wash the rice 3 times, and read the height of the rice in the rice cooker pot. Next you put water in it till the height of the water reaches twice the hight you had read. The rice cooker pot in the rice cooker and turn it on. The button automatically bounces up if the rice is cooked. After a quarter of an hour you can pull the plug out.
If you don’t have a rice cooker, no problem. Put the rice with water in a pot on a high fire. You can estimate the height of the water with your vingers. You should stir the rice after an quarter of an hour so it won’t burn on the bottom of the pot, and put the pot-lid on the pot. If there’s a little bit of water left over at the top of the rice, turn the fire at its lowest, and let it cook further for about 10 minutes till all the water has evaporated and your rice is cooked. Wella, rice cooked within half an hour.

Daal for 12 portions
4½ litres water
200 grams urdi
200 grams yellow peas
1 pepper
2 teens garlic
20 leaves spinach
½ union
2 level table-spoonfuls salt
7 table-spoonfuls oil
½ level table-spoonful sugar

1. Bring the water to cook.
2. Wash the yellow peas together with the urdi. You don’t have to put yellow peas in it if you don’t like yellow peas. You can also use only urdi or only yellow peas, but the total weight has to be 400 grams or the weight you prefer. You can also use green peas.
3. If the water starts boiling put the yellow peas and urdi in the hot water and let it cook further on a high fire.
4. After half an hour put 1½ level table-spoonfuls of salt in it.
5. Pound the pepper and garlic with half table-spoonful of salt in a metal/stone stamper. I pound the seeds of the pepper entirely fine, so you won’t be seeing any seeds and you won’t get stomachache from it. You can also also use a blender or a chopper to make the pepper and garlice fine, but I suggest that you remove the seeds, otherwise they will stay whole. If you make the pepper and garlice fine in a blender or chopper, you don’t add the half level table-spoonful of salt in it, but you add it in the daal. Instead of the half level table-spoonful of salt you can also add vegetable boillon in the daal.
6. Add the pounded garlic and pepper in the daal and close it with a lid. I put the lid somewhat slantwise so the pot is not totally closed, and the water won’t fall out of the pot due to the pressure on the lid, that’s why it’s a good choice to use a high pot for your daal. If the water stills falls out of the pot, just put the fire somewhat lower.
7. Let the daal cook further for an hour and add ½ level talble-spoonful of sugar in it.
8. Cut the spinach-leaves in 3 to 4 peaces and add it in the daal. You don’t have to put spinach in the daal if you don’t like spinach.
9. Cut the half union in slices of about 2 millimetres, I also cut some pepper, because I love hot food, but you don’t have to put this extra pepper in the daal. You can also wash a whole pepper and add it in the daal, but you shouldn’t smash the pepper with the spoon with which you are going to serve the daal. If its a hot pepper, your daal will get very hot if it’s smashed. You can also add lontai or bay-leaves in it if you wish, you’ll get an extra taste.
10. Add 7 table-spoons of oil in a small pan and put it on a high fire. If the oil is hot, add the sliced union and the pieces of pepper carefully in the pan and let it fry till it gets a yellow-golden colour.
11. Add the fried pieces of union and pepper together with the oil carefully in the daal, because the daal is going to bubble.
12. Let the daal cook for 10 more minutes on a very low fire, and then it’s ready and you can turn off the gass.
Stir the daal with a hollow spoon if you are going to serve it, because the heavy parts settle down. Add daal with a hollow spoon on the plate in which rice has been scooped out to be served.

Baked potatoes
8 mediumbig potatoes
1 pepper
2 teens garlic
½ level table-spoonful salt
¼ litre oil to fry

1. Peel the potatoes and wash the peeled potatoes.
2. Cut the potatoes in pieces of 1cm x 1cm (about ½ inch x ½ inch)
3. Put ¼ litre of oil in a pan and let it turn hot.
4. Add half of the potato-pieces scattered in the hot oil, don’t stir yet. After 5 minutes you can stir, if you stir immediately the pieces potato with stick at the bottom of the pan or it will get smashy.
5. Fry the other side of the potato-pieces for about 3 minutes so the potato-pieces will be fried evenly, and then stir and look if it has a light golden colour.
6. If the potato-pieces have a light golden colour, you can get the potato-pieces out of the hot oil and put it in a metal/glass bowl (in something that’s hot temperature-proof). A few of the potato-pieces might have a somewhat lightbrown colour, but that doesn’t matter.
7. The other half of the potato-pieces can now be baked in the same way.
8. Take a shallow pan in which all the potatoes can go in, and put it on a high fire.
9. Pound the garlic and pepper togeter with the salt fine in a stamper, but they can also be chopped in a blender or with a chopper.
10. Add the potato-pieces together with the chopped pepper and garlic in the hot pan and keep stirring. If you have made your garlic and pepper fine in a blender or chopper and you haven’t used salt, you can just sprinkle a vegetable bouillon over the potato-pieces. Due to the oil that clinges on the potato-pieces, the pounded pepper and garlic will also get fried along.
11. Keep stirring for about 3 minutes, your potato-pieces will get a somewhat lightbrown colour and you can turn off the gass.
And now you can enjoy your meal. You can combine your rice with daal with other desserts like vegetables, soyamorsels, tahu and such things instead of baked potatoes. A little bit of chutney and/or cucumber/red unions on vinegar is also tasty on it.

I’m going to eat and afterwards lie on my bed, I fall asleep. Really a lazy day, nothing much done for this day. Not a good example...hihi.

Succes comes to those who keep on working even if they are feeling tired—I don’t know who the author is, had read it somewhere.

I wake up at 17:00 and watch a little bit of television. Annoying scooby comes inside regularly. I’m doing the dishes and eat another portion of rice with daal, and then in front of the television. There’s a new Indian movie ‘Shortcut’, and I watch it till the end of the movie. Take a shower, write a little bit in my diary, and write Varsha an sms, who has send me a numbre of sms.

You have the world of love in you that will never run out. Don’t scruple to give a little bit of it to the other, the love thereby will reach the cosmos and offer you a helping hand from all sides.

She wants to know if I want to go to the gym with her. At te moment I’m not interested in gym, dance and aerobics workshops in which I had participated were heavy. I rather want to do other fun things. I like doing new things now and then, keeps life exciting. It’s 1:15 when I go to sleep

I had a wish to have my own blog, and that wish is now fulfilled. If I would make long-winded plans, perhaps I wouldn’t have started yet or maybe I would have waived my plan to start with my own blog. I bluntly started with the idea to publish a week out of my diary, but alas I have to dissapoint my readers who enjoyed being the sharer of my diary, as my story is connected with the story of a lot of other people who might prefer their privacy. I was considering at my previous writing if I wanted to cut off some pieces out of my diary, but as I wanted it to keep it as original as possible, I’ve published it boldly and undisguised, but I did change the real names of the people in my diary. I didn’t put much attention to the appearance of my blog yet, but I will beautify it in the future with pictures and such things, at the moment I’m aiming more on my writing. I will try to pour my next writings in an article form that will mainly be concentrated on me and my tips. I’m following a way through unbeaten roads, lets see where it finally leads me. Lastly, I heartly want to thank my readers who have send me a sweet mail. It gives me that push to carry on with my writings unabatedly.

Tigrie's little ones; 3 weeks after the kittens were born, Tigrie disappeared so we had to feed them ourselves


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