Saturday, December 12, 2009

A real laugh

Hmmm...I’ll try to describe the feeling a real laugh has on me. A real laugh is a very special feeling, as if you’ve turned very light and are floating in happiness. You perceive things differently then in normal state, it feels like everything is clear, the green looks greener, everything seems to have been touched by the beauty within your heart.
We all now and then need a real laugh, indeed it’s known to be good for your health, and it works good against the stress.

The gods too are fond of a joke. – Aristotle

I still remember the last time I had really laughed a lot, it was about 4 months ago.
Dad came out of his room and said very seriously, as if he was angry, “There are two clocks here, a “Jan Klaas” and a “van Peterson” clock, and he walked outside. I found it very funny that he had given the clocks a name and the way he said it was also funny. When my younger sister started laughing, I also bursted out in a laugh. “Where are the two clocks, and do they work?”, asked Angie. So I went in the room to look, because mom doesn’t throw her things easily, even if they don’t work, there’s a heart clock in her room that doesn’t work, but still it’s there. Yes indeed, two working table clocks on moms bed, they were lying there as if they were two teddy bears. We laughed our heads off, and my sister Rani came talking on the phone from her room to ask what all the fuss was about, “Nothing”. When mom came along, I asked her laughingly if she had a “Jan Klaas” and a “van Peterson” clock.

Here a funny poem from my friend Betty for all my blogreaders.
Dragon Fly
I dreamed I was in a battle with a dragon fly
Its breath was so annoying
It raised its voice and roared real loud
Like a fire it burned within me
That darn old dragon fly
I tried real hard to beat it
But the smell kept lingering on
I tossed and turned and tried to escape
That darn old dragon fly
I ran so hard it would not leave me
I tried to awake then opened my eyes
To find your face in mine
With your mouth wide opened
I exhaled with a sigh
It was you my butterfly
Bettysrainbow48 (

Joke from my online friend Imtiaz for a laugh on your face.
A man was driving when he saw the flash of a traffic camera. He figured that his picture had been taken for exceeding the limit, even though he knew that he was not speeding. Just to be sure, he went around the block and passed the same spot, driving even more slowly, but again the camera flashed. Now he began to think that this was quite funny, so he drove even slower as he passed the area again, but the traffic camera again flashed. He tried a fourth time with the same result. He did this a fifth time and was now laughing when the camera flashed as he rolled past, this time at a snail's pace...
Two weeks later, he got five tickets in the mail for driving without a seat belt.

A lot of road accidents take place in Suriname, especially around New Year, I had lost a neighbour on New Year’s Eve, so I’ll say, drive savely, and keep others out of harm, don’t let it happen that you have to reach home and your destination mutates in God’s house. Seat belts on, and don’t try to get tickets for bad driving behaviour and be carefull with the fireworks. ;)